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Human Performance

Lorena Torres
Lorena Torres

About me


I'm Lorena, welcome to my website! I'm a performance specialist, writer, speaker, researcher and consultant.

Personally, I define myself as a woman who focuses her priorities towards having a great life which to me means living a healthy lifestyle, taking care of myself physically (exercising daily, eating well, taking care of my recovery),  mentally (meditating, keeping myself intellectually active and stimulated, in contact with nature), emotionally (feeling close to my family, friends and community), and fulfilled with my work and the projects in which I'm involved; living under my values, principles, and faithful to my identity.


I'm a great advocate of curiosity, creativity, innovation and learning from different areas of knowledge, as well as the need to constantly grow, reinvent myself and evolve.


My core values are being brave (despite my fears) and authentic (despite the pressures), both inclued in which is my mantra today,

"I'm brave, authentic, powerful, grateful and enough".

Lorena's career

Lorena Torres Ronda is a Spanish expert in human performance, currently Director of Player Performance at You First.


She holds a Ph.D in sport science, several Master and has a wide educational, teaching and research background spanning five different universities across the globe, with specializations in sport performance and sport science.


Lorena has more than twenty years of extensive experience working with elite professional and Olympic athletes in differente disciplines, but spent most of her professional career in professional basketball, and with professional soccer players lately. A recent milestone has been being part of the Spanish National Basketball Federation, as the first woman member of the coaching staff of the senior men's team, being part of the gold medal achieved in the 2022 European Championship. Prior to her current role, she has served as a Performance Director for the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) and as Sport Scientist, Research and Development Coordinator with the San Antonio Spurs (NBA).


For her career, Lorena has received awards for distinguished professional achievements from the Balearic government, the Women's Sports Institute and, from the Spain’s National Sports Council [Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD)], who awarded Lorena Torres with the bronze medal of the Royal Order of the Sporting Merit.


In addition to leadership and high performance culture, her focus centers on human performance, from a holistic, multifactorial, global and integrative perspective, supporting people to achieve their performance goals, while creating a lifestyle that allows them to be their best selves.

She is ultimately passionate about merging the science of excellence with practical applications, to help others reaching their potential.




A personal interest

I am passionate about reading, especially when I find books that not only provide me with knowledge, but also are part of my continuous evolution. I consider that some of these books are secret weapons because they nourish you with reflections, selfawareness, possibilities to question dogmas, enhance curiosity and are a source of inspiration. Here I have created my reading list, which includes some of my favorite books.

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